Homo Erectio aka Gold Digger

I have always been creative and have always made or tinkered things, but making Homo Erectio boosted my ambition and motivation even more. I was doing a mega interesting research about prehistoric knives, so I suddenly discovered the concept of "sexual selection" and how this was processed in these knives. After this I started working out my vision like crazy.

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Of all purchases made on this webshop, a portion of up to 50% is donated to a charity of your choice! For a long time I have been looking for a way how I can help nature a bit with my hobby. If you have a good suggestion for a good cause yourself, let me know!

The Amazon Forrest should be Nature!

The Amazon Forrest should be nothing less then nature! Choose this charity if you are against deforestation!

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It's ridiculous that elephants are still ridden as a stupid tourist attraction… Choose this fund if you want to commit to animal health!

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Coral reefs and protected water parks are the foundation of many food chains and economies. Choose this fund if you want to support the underwater world!

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