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With every purchase on the webshop, part of the amount is transferred to a charity of your choice! These are charities that I also believe in and like to contribute to, which is why this is such a big theme on the webshop. I hope you are as excited as I am!

Below you can see the options for the charities. Do you have a suggestion yourself? let me know!

The wild Amazon Forrest

The Amazon region has been in the news again quite recently due to the major forest fires. This is an extra blow that the beautiful piece of nature actually cannot take. There are other major problems in the world's rainforests as well.

The money is donated to the WWF. They are widely committed to the conservation of this nature reserve. From taking action against poaching to limiting fragmentation in different areas in the Amazon.

Coral is the basis...

There are many people in the world who depend on fish from coral reefs. Also a lot of us! Many livestock are also fed with remnants from the fishing industry. And a lot of coral is under attack these days, almost literally. Because the seawater heats up, all the coral is in danger of dying out and that would mean that a huge link in all food chains would disappear, with the ensuing consequences.

This charity, Coral Restoration Foundation, is committed not only to the cultivation and repopulation of coral reefs, but also to the improvement of protected marine areas. This allows fish populations to recover.

Animal attractions should be a big no.

The latter charity is committed to various animal suffering related issues, including elephant rides. During my trip to Asia I was confronted with the horrible image of mounted elephants. I know how their will power has been broken from childhood, literally and figuratively. And that is why I wanted to contribute to this. 

This fund, World Animal Protection, is committed to, among other things, wildlife, animals on livestock and animals in disaster situations. 

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