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Can't get enough of Studio Boy and are you curious about what else is behind it? Then this might be something for you! Exclusive content, behind the scenes footage, personal workshops and much more!

How it works

Studio Boy now also has a Patreon account. Here you can see and receive exclusive content through a subscription. There are different degrees, where you unlock different things.

So much is happening behind the scenes that is always lost, but not anymore! Everything is documented and neatly categorized. Click here for more information!

What to expect?

There are various benefits associated with different subscriptions. For example, you can choose to only support me, but also subscriptions in which you get extras that other people cannot see! For example, think of:



Sketches and illustrations

I sketch and illustrate a lot in my spare time, but I don't really think this is something for this webshop. That's why I've decided that you can see all of my sketches with a minimal subscription.

Personal workshops

I also offer the opportunity to follow personal workshops. I will explain some fine tips of modeling and think together with you about inspiration and what you could do! Together we make something for you or your loved ones. I will provide a bottle of wine!

Behind The scenes

Some people asked me about the making process and I decided to assign a portion of my Patreon to it. So that you can see how certain sculptures are made and how I work. This can of course also be done from your sculpture. Check out this and other exclusive content on my Patreon page!

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