Homo Erectio

In 2018 I did a research project on prehistoric knives and initially wanted to compare this with our modern solutions. However, I came across a mega interesting piece of research that turned the project in a different direction.

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Kea Enrichment

For my graduation project I did an internship at Artis in Amsterdam. I have designed a product here that gives bored Kea something to do and which increases the awareness of the visitor. To improve the relationship between humans and animals!

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Buoy - Digital Waterways

For a project at school, we had to design a boat in collaboration with Sonarksi. This boat has special equipment with which it can make 3D scans underwater, LIDAR. Our task is to design a boat that 2 people can comfortably work in. I challenged myself by raising the problem of the Amsterdam quay walls out to sea. To use this boat to re-evaluate the protected areas for weaknesses and to give fish populations a realistic chance to grow.


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The Amazon Forrest should be Nature!

The Amazon Forrest should be nothing less then nature! Choose this charity if you are against deforestation!

Animals as an attraction? Stop!

It's ridiculous that elephants are still ridden as a stupid tourist attraction… Choose this fund if you want to commit to animal health!

Where are we without Corals?

Coral reefs and protected water parks are the foundation of many food chains and economies. Choose this fund if you want to support the underwater world!


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