What doesn’t kill you, makes you Horny

  • Desk Distraction Dick
  • 24k Gold
  • €20,- naar een Charity!

This piece is a classic example of how imperfections or ‘mistakes’ can lead to something beautiful. This piece exploded in my new oven (or kiln) and I decided not to let go of this item. I absolutely love how it wiggles when you give it a little push. A nice distraction on your desk!

Do you like this sculpture, but would you maybe want it in a different colour or shape? Let me know!

Everything is made by hand so imperfections are part of the game. Are you also smiling just like I am, and would you like to see more sensual art like this, art Amsterdam? Then show some love!


The Amazon Forrest should be Nature!

The Amazon Forrest should be nothing less then nature! Choose this charity if you are against deforestation!

Animals as an attraction? Stop!

It's ridiculous that elephants are still ridden as a stupid tourist attraction… Choose this fund if you want to commit to animal health!

Where are we without Corals?

Coral reefs and protected water parks are the foundation of many food chains and economies. Choose this fund if you want to support the underwater world!


Wanneer je iets koopt op de webshop wordt er een gedeelte van het bedrag overgemaakt naar één van de goede doelen, welke jij zelf mag kiezen! 

Bij het afrekenen kun je aangeven aan welk goed doel je graag wilt doneren.


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